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Topkapi Palace | An ottoman jewel

Topkapi Palace is a remarkable historical treasure in the heart of Istanbul. This iconic palace, one of the biggest in the world, is known for its deep Ottoman roots. Built by Mehmed the Conqueror in the mid-15th century, it served as the primary royal residence and administrative center for the Ottoman Sultans for more than four centuries. Today, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, drawing more than 3 million visitors every year. Read on to learn more about Topkapi Palace tickets, opening hours, location, and other details to help you plan your visit.

Know before you buy your Topkapi Palace tickets

  • Topkapi Palace Harem entry tickets: Entry into the Topkapi Palace harem is only allowed along with a tour guide. Topkapi Palace harem tickets are available separately and are not included with general admission. Ensure that you book these tickets if you want to explore the harem.
  • Carry valid ID proof: If you have purchased discounted tickets or are eligible for free admission, make sure to carry a valid ID proof.
  • Accessibility: Owing to its historical structure and architecture, Topkapi Palace is not fully accessible for wheelchairs and baby strollers.
  • Rules & Regulations: Visitors to Topkapi Palace should wear appropriate clothing that covers their shoulders and knees.

Why visit Topkapi Palace?

topkapi palace tickets

Which Topkapi Palace ticket should you buy?

topkapi palace tickets

If you are short on time

Go for: Guided tours with skip-the-line access
Guide: Expert English or Spanish-speaking guide, audio guide in 10 languages
Duration: 1 hr 30 mins or flexible, depending on the ticket

  • If you have limited time to spend at Topkapi Palace, take one of the many guided tours with either an audio guide or an expert English or Spanish-speaking guide, where you can learn all about the castle’s intriguing history.
  • These tickets include skip-the-line access, which allows you to save time by avoiding long ticket queues and directly enter the castle.

Recommended ticket: 

topkapi palace tickets

If you are on a budget

Go for: Combo tickets
Guide: English-speaking guide, audio guides in multiple languages
Duration: Flexible

  • With combo tickets, you can cover many of the top landmarks and experiences in Istanbul with a single ticket, making it easier on your finances.
  • Some of these tickets are valid over multiple days, allowing you to visit the attractions according to your convenience, ensuring your trip is comfortable and hassle-free.

Recommended ticket:

topkapi palace tickets

If you are a history enthusiast

Go for: Guided tours
Guide: English or Spanish-speaking guide, audio guides in multiple languages
Duration: 1 hr 30 mins or flexible, depending on the ticket

  • If you wish to know about Topkapi Palace in depth, opt for one of the guided tours, where an expert guide will take you on an extensive tour and enlighten you about the history of the palace.
  • Many of these tickets come with skip-the-line access, giving you direct entry and more time to spend exploring this royal Ottoman residence.

Recommended ticket:

Topkapi Palace tickets

If you want to explore beyond Topkapi Palace

Go for: Combo tickets
Guide: English-speaking guide, audio guides in multiple languages
Duration: Flexible

  • Unlock Istanbul’s top experiences and historical landmarks including Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Basilica Cistern, and Dolmabahce Palace with combo tickets.
  • With an English-speaking guide or audio guides in more than nine languages, you can comprehensively explore these attractions.

Recommended ticket:

Cancellation policy: You can cancel any of these tickets up to 24 hours before the scheduled time and get a full refund.

Highlights of Topkapi Palace

ottoman imperial palace
topkapi palace tickets
topkapi palace tickets
topkapi palace tickets

Imperial Treasury

Situated at the eastern end of the court, the Topkapi Palace Treasury includes priceless riches like silver, gold, emeralds, jades, rubies, pearls, and diamond-encrusted artifacts. The jewel-encrusted Sword of Süleyman the Magnificent and the remarkable Throne of Ahmed I, studded with mother-of-pearl and fashioned by Sedefkar Mehmed Agha, builder of the Blue Mosque, are also worth seeing.

topkapi palace porcelain

European Porcelain Exhibit

The Topkapi Palace kitchens, which currently house the imperial porcelain exhibit, were located in the second courtyard. The porcelain collection demonstrates the Ottoman Empire’s global reach, with items acquired from Europe, as well as China and Japan. Celadon from China was treasured as dinnerware because it was thought that if the food served in it was poisoned, it would change color.

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First Court

The first courtyard, also known as the First Court, is the palace’s largest and sole public space. Throughout the reign of the Ottoman Empire, the imperial gates were open to anyone unarmed. The wide expanse of the courtyard was perfect for celebrations and parades, and it was probably the busiest of the palace's squares.

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Second Court

The Salutation Gate opens to the Second Court of Topkapi Palace. Known as the Divan Square, the Second Court used to be the administrative center. This area would only be open to the members of the court and other formal visitors. In the Domed Chamber, also known as Council Hall, members of the imperial council met many times a week to deliberate the empire's administrative concerns.

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Third Court

The Felicity Gate, with its canopied entrance, opens to the Third Court, or the innermost square of Topkapi Palace, which accommodated the Sultan’s private home and the internal imperial school. The sultan, his family, his staff, and the rare authorized guest were the only ones who could enter. Visitors to the Sultan were limited to the Audience Chamber and were required to conform to a strict protocol.

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Fourth Court

The third courtyard connects to the Fourth Court of Topkapi Palace. It is home to the Baghdad Pavilion, Circumcision Chamber, and Yerevan Pavilion, all of which are lavishly ornamented. The charming gilt-bronze Iftar Pergola, where sultans often broke their fasts if Ramadan occurred in the summertime, is one of the most distinctive features.

Plan your visit to Topkapi Palace

Visitor tips
topkapi palace tickets
topkapi palace tickets

Wheelchair Accessibility: Topkapi Palace is mostly accessible by wheelchair. The main entrance has ramps for easy access. Most of the doors have ramps to get over the marble door frames. All four courtyards can be accessed by wheelchair users. There are also wheelchair-accessible toilets in the palace.

topkapi palace tickets

Audio Guides: You can avail of audio guides at Topkapi Palace to explore it at your own pace. You may be charged extra for it if it isn’t already included in your ticket. 

Toilets: There are toilets available throughout the palace.

topkapi palace
  • Secure your Topkapi Palace tickets well in advance if possible as this will make the entry procedure shorter.
  • Arrive at Topkapi Palace at least 10 minutes early to avoid delays.
  • Don't forget to carry ID proof for yourself and your children, especially if you have bought discounted tickets or are to get free entry.
  • Topkapi Palace Harem tickets are available separately. Ensure that you book them as well if you want to explore the harem.
  • Although there is no dress code as such, make sure that you wear clothing that covers your knees and shoulders.
  • Topkapi Palace is a massive landmark. Carry a copy of the map to make sure you don't lose your way as you explore it.
topkapi palace gift shop

Topkapi Palace Museum Shop

On the right side of the Topkapi Palace entrance, you will find the Museum Shop which sells merchandise and memorabilia. You can buy postcards, replica attire, and the likes of these from the museum shop.

Address: Museum Shop, Cankurtaran, 34122 Fatih/İstanbul, Turkey

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topkapi palace tickets food

While there are no eateries within Topkapi Palace, there are many restaurants and cafes nearby where you can enjoy a delectable meal. 

Roof Mezze 360: The rooftop Roof Mezze 360 restaurant offers traditional Turkish food with a global twist.

Turgut Kebab Restaurant: If you are craving kebabs, Turgut Kebab Restaurant, which offers both dine-in and takeaway services, is the best place to go.

Fish Home Ahhir Kapi Restaurant: If you love seafood, head to Fish Home Ahhir Kapi Restaurant after you visit Topkapi Palace.

Şiva barbecue: Şiva barbecue is the best place to go for all the barbecue fans visiting the Topkapi Palace.

topkapi palace tickets hotels

Budget: Star Holiday Hotel, Sultanahmet Hotel Han, Meddusa Hotel

Mid-range: Zeynep Sultan Hotel, The Million Stone Hotel, Bon Design & Suite

Luxury: White House Hotel Istanbul, Agora Life Hotel, Vogue Hotel Supreme Istanbul

Explore beyond Topkapi Palace

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Frequently asked questions about Topkapi Palace tickets

How much is a ticket to Topkapi Palace?

Topkapi Palace tickets are available online, starting from €47

Can you buy Topkapi tickets in advance?

You can book your Topkapi Palace tickets online in advance. Purchasing your tickets online guarantees your entry to the landmark, especially during the peak season.

What do Topkapi Palace tickets include?

Standard Topkapi Palace ticket includes skip-the-line access to the palace complex. Depending on the experience you choose, your ticket may include an audio guide or a guided tour. If you want to visit the harem, you will have to purchase tickets that include access.

Are there any discounts available on Topkapi Palace tickets?

Yes, you can enjoy reduced prices on Topkapi Palace tickets, including skip-the-line tickets, guided tours, and combo tickets.

Can I get skip-the-line tickets for Topkapi Palace?

Yes, you can buy Topkapi Palace tickets online with skip-the-line access and get fast-track entry to the palace.

Are audio guide tickets to Topkapi Palace available?

Yes, Topkapi Palace tours with audio guides are one of the best ways to explore Topkapi Palace and learn about its fascinating history.

How can I access the Topkapi Palace Harem?

You can explore Topkapi Palace Harem with a guided tour, since entry into the harem is only permitted along with a tour guide. Ensure you book tickets or tours that include access to the harem section if you want to visit it.

What is the cancellation policy for Topkapi Palace tickets?

Typically, Topkapi Palace tickets can be cancelled up to 24 hours before the scheduled time with a full refund. However, the cancellation policy may vary, so ensure that you check your tickets for the specific details.

What are the Topkapi Palace timings?

Topkapi Palace is open from 9 AM to 6 PM from Wednesday to Monday. It is closed on Tuesday.  

How long does it take to complete a Topkapi Palace tour?

Topkapi Palace is a vast complex with many buildings, structures, and attractions within it. We recommend that you set aside at least 2-3 hours for your visit.

Is Topkapi Palace wheelchair accessible?

Topkapi Palace is mostly wheelchair accessible with ramps available at most locations. There are also wheelchair accessible toilets available at the venue.